Friday,  April 5th, 2019

5:30pm - 8:30pm  $99

There is a unique sound vibration which resonates with your Soul, and using it in your meditation practice will quickly facilitate a re-connection to your Essential Self, where contentment, calm, love, truth and joy reside. This mantra is determined by the exact time and place of your birth and syncs with You.


If you are just beginning your meditation journey, this is an incredibly powerful place to begin. If you have been using guided meditations, this will take you to a depth within you beyond imagination.


This primordial meditation training generally costs thousands of dollars. I feel so strongly that this is the most empowering tool for individual and world healing and happiness, I am making it affordable for all. 

~ big love





This workshop is limited to 14 people only, email to be placed on the waitlist.

“The soul itself has its own mantric vibration; when we learn it, we can awaken all the powers within.”

– Frawley 

"While restrained in the soul with his movement obscured, the mind, pure and stable, shines as the lamp shines with a bright flame in the lamp case."

- CS/Sha 5:15



50 Dietz St. Suite L #5 Oneonta, NY 13820