What is Vedic Healing? Ancient medical systems which have been proven over 5,000 years, specifically Ayurveda (Science of Life). It seeks to manage people rather than symptoms, the cause rather than the outcome. It can address issues very early in the pathogenesis progress, rather than symptoms which present after the disease is established.

Sattvika is the Western Catskill's only Vedic Healing facility where you can seek therapy, treatment, and education to enrich your health and lifestyle. Find solutions to your deepest physical, emotional and mental pains through the ancient roots of Ayurveda practices where each person is treated as unique and special. This approach puts you at the center and empowers you to choose your own path towards a more fulfilling, healthier life. 


50 Dietz St. Suite L #5

Oneonta, NY 13820



The Sattvika clinic is located within the SOL Wellness Center in Oneonta, NY. The clinic is warm and welcoming giving you the experience of India, where Ayurveda and Vedic Healing originate. Onsite access to showers and sauna.


"(Sattvika) is a healing space where you feel peace and comfort as soon as you enter."

 - Kerry M. (Houston, TX)

"This (Shirodhara) helped me more than anything else I've tried this past year.”

- Star H. (Oneonta, NY)

"I plan on going back to Sattvika and also keeping aware of the new treatments they will be introducing.”

- Jenny​ M. (Oneonta, NY)



50 Dietz St. Suite L #5 Oneonta, NY 13820