Your constitution is made mostly of water and earth.  Kaphas tend to be calm and move, think, and react with purpose. Their steady disposition is not easily disturbed and they tend to be loving and devoted individuals – characteristics which reflect the large amount of water in their constitutions. 


You may enjoy relaxing more while your friends want to get moving to do something.  You are peaceful, easy going and have an excellent memory.


Kapha’s have a solid frame, thick bones, thick hair, great teeth, good endurance and smooth skin.


Out of balance, it may be easy to gain weight or get congested in chest and head. 


f you would like to learn more about your personal constitution and how to care for it (diet and lifestyle), schedule an Ayurvedic Constitutional Evolution (ACE) consult.





When in a Sattvic (purity/clarity/evolution) state, Vatas are inspired, enthusiastic, genuine, in divine love and talented with the arts.


 (look for the guna-healing course coming soon which moves one from rajasic (dynamism/energy/movement) and tamasic (ignorance/darkness/inertia) to sattvic)



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