Pitta individuals are strong-willed leaders with passion and vision who have the ability to motivate others to their cause.  You are direct and tend to charge straight ahead. 


You have a strong appetite... for everything.  You digest well, whether it be food or information.  You may have a tendency to become hangry...


Pittas are medium build and muscular, with the ability to gain or lose weight easily.  Reddish... hair, skin, lips or temperament.  Freckles, dynamic, intense.  


When out of balance, Pittas may become hot, sweaty, irritable, aggressive, flushed, impatient with low tolerance and critical.


If you would like to learn more about your personal constitution and how to care for it (diet and lifestyle), schedule an Ayurvedic Constitutional Evolution (ACE) consult.







When in a Sattvic (purity/clarity/evolution) state, Pittas are perceptive with a clear view, leadership extraordinaire, guide and spiritual teacher.


 (look for the guna-healing course coming soon which moves one from rajasic (dynamism/energy/movement) and tamasic (ignorance/darkness/inertia) to sattvic)



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