Hey there Vata

Lovely to meet you! 

Your constitution has more air and space than the other elements.


This means that you are energetic, creative, vibrant and have an excitement for life.  You are a quick learner and adaptable.  


Vatas have a positive outlook and energetic expression.  They are light of heart and quick to speak.  They move with the wind, fluttering rapidly about, and can instantly change direction. 


You may not travel down one path for very long, as you are eager to begin another one of your many interests.  


Your body type is lean with thin bones, dry skin, and wiry hair.

If out of balance, you may experience anxiety, dry skin, weakness, poor appetite, light or disturbed sleep, dizziness, migraines, constipation, tinnitus, etc.


If you would like to learn more about your personal constitution and how to care for it (diet and lifestyle), schedule an Ayurvedic Constitutional Evolution (ACE) consult.






When in a Sattvic (purity/clarity/evolution) state, Vatas are inspired, enthusiastic, genuine, in divine love and talented with the arts.


 (look for the guna-healing course coming soon which moves one from rajasic (dynamism/energy/movement) and tamasic (ignorance/darkness/inertia) to sattvic)




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