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Consciousness-based Ancient Medicine System to Reclaim Your Essential Self for True Freedom, Security and Joy

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The Daily 9

The 9 daily habits that will change everything.  Implement one per week for lasting change.  Proven results.  12-week course.

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Reclaim Your Essential Self

Wouldn't it just be delightful to let go of being what we think others want or expect of us?  How heavy that is.  Time to let go and be alive?

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The Being Way

From one task to the next, right?  If you feel that the balance is off between your doing and your Being, this is for you.  

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Eve Kruger, AD

Forever in search of equanimity and deep truth, the Vedic Sciences became Eve's life passion and purpose.  Building upon a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, certificates in Vedic Counseling and more, a well-rounded collection of knowledge and wisdom is brought to you in simple, effective, and loving instruction.  May we be more in love with ourselves, our lives, and the world because of the beautiful ancient wisdom drawn on here, together.

What are the Vedas?

Many sciences originate from the Vedas, an ancient philosophical and spiritual wisdom reaching back 8,000 years.  Ayurveda is the medical science, Tantra the spiritual science, Yoga the psychological science, Vaastu the architectural science, and so many more.  They are all utilized in these courses.


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