The body is capable of healing. It's time to go within.

Society, companies, advertisers, sponsors, lobbyists... have all worked hard to make us believe the answers are outside of us; that we need to obtain an external object to feel fulfilled, happy and healthy. When we obtain that object, we need yet another and another. Sattvika is here to lead you back to the true answers to what you desire through Vedic healing, a consciousness-based approach to health. A science of health, wellness, and wholeness which addresses all aspects of you. All our products are all natural and organic.


AD, Certified Vedic Counselor, Owner & Founder, Sattvika 

After years of doctors prescribing various unsettling medications to no avail, I stumbled upon an Ayurvedic cookbook, which introduced the brilliant idea of balance. After one month of an Ayurvedic herb and a simple lifestyle change, I was not only well but luminous. Ayurveda and the sister Vedic sciences brought me to a deep understanding of my true nature – a whole and free being. To fulfill my love of medicine, psychology, and spirituality, I left a successful job to move to London to obtain my BSc. (Hons) in Ayurvedic Medicine from some of the brightest lights in Ayurveda. Classically trained, I then traveled to Ayurvedic Hospitals in India for six months of fieldwork. Choosing the Ayurvedic Psychology branch of Ayurveda, I continued my studies with Dr. Suhas in Vedic Counseling.  Supporting true wellness is fulfilling than anything I have ever done, and I am humbled and grateful to do so. I am dedicated to guiding my clients through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. This is what Sattvika is built on. 



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